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Affordable homes are shown

Build more affordable homes with a progressive real estate tax

Let’s build more affordable homes every year with a permanent funding source created by rebalancing the tax rates on the sale of multi-million dollar properties.

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Pollution spews from an oil refinery smokestack

End price gouging by big oil corporations

It’s time to ensure Big Oil and other polluters are held accountable for price gouging Washingtonians and polluting our air and water.

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Mom tucks in kid to bed

Protect families from homelessness & displacement

We can protect families from homelessness or displacement by putting limits on how high landlords can jack up the rent in any given year.

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An art piece showing Chief Seattle and Jeff Bezos next to each other, text on the painting says "All men are created equal... balance the tax code"

Washington’s tax code harms working families!

A tax on extreme wealth can ensure our schools are fully funded, everyone has a home to live in, and working families can keep more of what they earn, making our state a more equitable place to live and work.

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 A woman wearing a face mask bags groceries at a checkout stand

What could you do with unrestricted cash payments?

Unconditional, regular cash payments from a guaranteed basic income would empower working Washingtonians to pay our bills and care for our families.

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Activists hold a sign on the Washington State Capitol steps that reads "immigrants deserve social safety nets! Unemployment insurance now!"

All Washington workers deserve unemployment assistance

Our undocumented neighbors are working hard and paying taxes like any other Washingtonian - they should also receive unemployment benefits if they are laid off by their bosses.

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An older person in a wheelchair is pushed by a younger guardian

Allow everyone 18+ to apply for the life-changing WFTC

We can make sure working young people and seniors can access Washington’s historic tax credit that puts cash back in pockets of working people.

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